International Conference on Language Education



Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

On behalf of the committee I welcome you to the 5th International Conference on Language and Education (ICOLE 5) under the broad theme “Reflecting the contemporary advances of languages and educational theories and practices in the digital age”. This international conference is a biannual meeting held by UNM Language Center in Makassar, serving as forum for language and education experts and practitioners to report and discuss research findings, and other issues related to the advances of language and educational studies in todays’ world.

The call for papers has attracted submission from various regions in Indonesia, and from abroad. A total of 50 standard oral presentations have been selected from at least 150 applications received.  All papers or abstracts have been blind peer reviewed by at least 3 independent reviewers to ensure high quality of the contributed materials as well adherence to conference topics.

The conference begins on Saturday, November 11th, with two keynote speakers’ presentation followed by two plenary speeches, and one workshop which can be followed without additional charges for all the participants who subscribed to the whole conference. Akbar Faizal, a member of Indonesian Parliament, will speak about language and power. Professor Andy Kirkpatrick of Griffith University will present his “ELF-aware approach to ELT”. The workshop by Dr. CHOO Shen Li Suzanne will focus on strategies of getting published in international journal. At the end of the first day talks, there will be a session for registered presenters to deliver their paper presentation and this continues to the second day of the conference before closing ceremony.

Setting up the 5th ICOLE Conference is undeniably a team endeavor. Therefore, I would like to thank many parties involved in this thought-provoking enterprise. First, I sincerely thank the Rector of Universitas Negeri Makassar together with deputies, in particular the deputy rector for Cooperation and Development, for great supports provided. I’d also like to extend my sincere appreciation to the keynote and plenary speakers for making this conference successful. Last but not least, much appreciation is addressed to all the committee members for their hard work. Without them, this conference might not have been possible.

Enjoy the conference and have a wonderful time with us in Makassar.

 Iskandar, S.Pd., M.Ed., PhD

 Head of UNM Language Center,

Chair of the ICOLE 5 Conference 2017