The Language Center of UNM offers Indonesian Language Course for Speakers of Other Languages; widely known as BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing) which provides access for anyone who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia. The curriculum is designed from very basic levels that offer greater chances for foreigners who are eager to study the language even without any previous knowledge about Bahasa Indonesia.

The BIPA program is divided into 9 (nine) levels. Students will have an understanding of language skills of Indonesian language including speaking, listening, reading and grammar as well as the distinctive and various cultures of Indonesia. They are also prepared to practice Indonesian language for academic purposes. The duration of the BIPA program is approximately 10 (ten) months. Upon completion, successful students will receive certificates from UNM Language Center to certify their competence in mastering Indonesian language.

Pusat Bahasa UNM offers two types of learning system: ONE-TO-ONE  and GROUP Tutorial.  Applicant may indicate what type of tutorial she/he wishes to undertake during their study. Applicant wishing to apply, please see admission requirements and procedures.




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